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    Data source: "Euromonitor International (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.; calculate based on sales volume of men's trousers in 2020. Cover 210 countries/regions in the world, various retail channels; sales amount of men's trousers accounts for over 15%, and a brand for men's wear highlighted by leisure or business products, Joeone ranks among the top three places in respect of sales volume of men's trousers; completed the survey in April 2021"

    Men's trousers of Joeone, perfect detail maker
    Each pair of men's trousers has gone through layers of processes and condenses the quality of constant perfection


    From 1989

    Expert for men's trousers

    In 1989, Joeone entered the Chinese men's trousers market starting from a pair of trousers
    Over the past 33 years, Joeone has been adhering to spirits of exquisite work and ingenuity and making professional and high-quality trousers attentively.


    Participate in the formulation of Chinese men's trousers standards

    Utility model patent in the field of pants

    National standard for trousers: GB/T2666-2017
    National standard for washable and trimmed clothing: GB/T22700-2016
    Industrial standard for denim clothing: FZ/T810

    Fine craftsmanship

    23000 stitches, 108 processes, and 30 ironings*

    24 manual inspections

    Strictly control each process
    Exquisite stitch work with the spirit of ingenuity
    *Trouser craftsmanship


    Create highly elastic fabrics

    Stretch rate is 4 times that of ordinary fabrics*

    *Test result of a certified inspection agency by comparison with ordinary fabrics of the brand


    6 main patterns

    Data of 12 million human bodies have been accumulated

    Pencil 901 / Slim 902 / Standard 903
    Comfortable 095 / Conical 906 / Well-fit 909


    Cumulative sales of 100 million pairs of men's trousers have been achieved

    Data come from statistics of sales volume of trousers for 1990 – 2020 of Joeone

    One pair is sold every seven seconds

    Data comes from statistics of annual sales volume of trousers in 2020 of Joeone