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    Data source: "Euromonitor International (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.; calculate based on sales volume of men's trousers in 2020. Cover 210 countries/regions in the world, various retail channels; sales amount of men's trousers accounts for over 15%, and a brand for men's wear highlighted by leisure or business products, Joeone ranks among the top three places in respect of sales volume of men's trousers; completed the survey in April 2021"

    Introduction to ZIOZIA brand

    ZIOZIA, Chinese name: 吉歐吉亞. In 1968, South Korea's DAEWOO Group invested in establishing Shinsung Tongsang to enter the textile industry, which underwent asset restructuring and renamed as Shinsung Tongsang Co. in 2002. After 46 years of development, the company boasts several first-class brands including ZIOZIA, UNIONBAY, OLZEN and BROS POLHAM, becoming one of the most powerful premium fashion brands in South Korea. The most successful of the company's brands is ZIOZIA - a well-known male fashion brand. ZIOZIA is composed of two Italian words, i.e. "ZIO" for men and "ZIA" for women. It means that the male and female fashion complementation can help create the perfect product. ZIOZIA has always been to "create a pattern of men." It has created a brand new era in today's fashion world and it adheres to its own advocacy of pathway without following the trend. It acts different, but still leads the trend. That's where its charm lies. The long-term cooperation with Korean top artists has rendered ZIOZIA to be the most dazzling "star" brand in Korean fashion. In January 2013, Shinsung Tongsang established a branch in China, which now has operated over 100 stores and is in the process of rapid business development.

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    Category mix (spring/summer featured products, autumn/winter featured products)

    Spring: Casual suits,shirts, pants.
    Summer: T-shirt, pants.
    Autumn: Jackets, sweaters, shirts, pants.
    Winter: Overcoats, down jackets, sweaters, shirts, pants.

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    ZIOZIA stores are distributed in major cities of China, 116 of which are direct-sale/franchised stores and 36 resellers.